Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Change and Time

We had a simple goal this morning - reflect on some of the learning that we are doing and record these reflections as a blog entry.

Now, this may not seem like much of a challenge to most but keep these things in mind: (A) my class are a composite of mixed ages and abilities, especially digital capabilities (B) my class have taken up to 15 minutes to get logged into the blog previously (C) our basic keyboarding skills are very limited (D) we had 1 hour to complete this task with only one laptop between two.

Hmmmm. It started shakily...we had certainly done a great collaborative brainstorm and everyone had decided enthusiastically what they were going to write about and what the photo was going to be. Oh yes, add the photo to the challenge - most of them took their own picture and were able to upload it themselves and put it on the blog post. Yay!

Once they got going, the successes were awesome! They ploughed through brilliantly and gave fabulous support to one another as well as taking turns well. One would type and edit while the other one was sorting out the images etc. Then they swapped over and performed the other role. A lot of this collaboration was automatic and seamless as they slipped from one role into the other.

Our blog posts certainly reflect many things about our class. We have come a long way in a short time. A lot of change has had to happen and indeed has happened - most of the change has come in the form of independence, self-management and collaboration. It is always wonderful to watch things change as time passes...not forgetting that along with time, there has been a lot of teaching and learning too!

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