Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Challenging Choose-Day

What a fun and fabulously entertaining day we had today! There is something intensely rewarding about seeing joy in children as they participate confidently in something that is a challenge for them - both exciting and nerve-wracking - and experience success.

Our Terrifically Talented Tuesday that we had with the Middle School last year was so successful that we decided to re-vamp it and create Challenging Choose-Day (Tuesday). A clever twist on the theme!

The idea behind the day is for the students to learn and practice new skills but skills which are entertaining and fun too. Our events were: beans and chopsticks, hula hooping, skipping backwards, skipping 2 in a rope, gutterboards and shape sorting boxes. Each event had 2 reps from each class - the fastest 2 children. The lovely thing about these events is the fact that the children who find learning easy or who are exceptional at sports are often not the fastest at these quite different tasks.

There was a wonderful sense of participation today. Those who were directly involved were excited and enjoyed just taking part. There were gold medals for the victors and cheers. pats on the back and high fives for all who tried. We had class relays and rob-the-nest tournament for the children who were not in finals.

The coolest part of the day was just watching the way each class banded together to support and cheer for one another. If they had no reps in the finals, they were happy to just cheer for anyone else! Each class had a theme song (ours was Queen, We Are The Champions!) from 'The Eye of the Tiger' to 'Get Your Head In The Game' to "Reach for the Stars"! We marched into the hall waving banners and paraded across the stage waving flags and wearing our theme colours. There was cheering and supportive clapping from all and sundry...it was like being at the Olympics!

So the biggest success of the day? Well, everyone was a winner from the students to the teachers. It was awesome!

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