Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Community Part 2

What a fantastic experience our trip was today! We went to a local art gallery where we worked with one of the teaching staff there on how to communicate a story.

The first part of our session began in the gallery where we looked around at a group of artworks that formed an exhibition from artists in Cuba, Mexico and New Zealand. The exhibition was a surprise to the children who enjoyed coming back together and discussing how we communicate a story. The worked out that we can speak, write, draw or act out a story so we set about acting out the Maori legend of the Taniwha that we have been studying.

There was much mirth at times as the children enjoyed re-creating the story with its tsunamis and earthquakes, European settlers and many themes of challenges woven in.

We then went through to one of the studios where we spent the next hour and a half creating a collage of the story. The children worked tirelessly with no arguments or fuss - they were so focused and driven to present their ideas together that it was rather amazing to watch! The parents faded into the background as did I as we were privileged to observe how our little class community thrived together and produced their final product with amazing collaboration, sharing, fairness and full, fair participation.

It was great to arrive back at school and put them on display with the wall story - the completion of a wonderful experience that we can now reflect on daily whenever we re-read the text and view the images...

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