Monday, April 11, 2011

The Hive

Having been absent (the dreaded flu) for the last 2 days of the week, it was amazing to come back to school after the weekend and see the result of a team of local church volunteers who coupled with our school community to build the long awaited "HIVE" behind my classroom.

The Beautification and Enrichment of the Environment group - called the "BEES" for short, have finally managed to complete their dream area for our school garden.

The photos taken by my class do not do it justice. Amidst a 'hive' of activity, this endeavour was undertaken - it has been 4 years in the planning and a weekend in the making! It is incredible to see what community commitment and a spirit of challenge can achieve! The children talked today about the bare canvas of the grassed area and the fact that they never imagined how different it could look when everyone worked together to create the vision.

This is exactly what we must keep close to our hearts as educators. We have a vision - a final result of what our 'whole' learners look like, but we must never lose sight of the fact that when we all work together there is NOTHING that we can't achieve! The children learnt what teamwork LOOKS like because of this project. A wheelbarrow full of dirt or bark was PART of this success. A tape measure and saw, a digger and a hammer were all PART of this success. Alone, each one of these things is just...well, a digger or a saw, but TOGETHER they are able to be part of the whole. The end result shows what collaboration and vision can do when they come together. It was a weekend 'abuzz' with excitement and expectation, it was a 'hive' of activity and the result is that we can 'bee' whatever we want to be!!!

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