Friday, April 15, 2011


So all of my friends who are not teachers are currently rolling about in ardent envy of the fact that I have a 9-3 job and now there are 2 weeks of blissful holidays ahead of me.

Just like the Tui add says, "YEAH - RIGHT".

There is no such thing as a 'holiday' when you are a teacher.
This is a vocation minus the vacation, like any true vocation. Most of us are at work by 7.30am doing prep and there until long after 5pm most days. We do duty during our lunch hours and extra-curricular options for the kids during the few free lunchtimes we would have. We are dedicated to our dreams of making a difference in the lives of learners. It is not a hard job - it is a fun, fast and fantastic job!

When I fell into teachers' college a lot of years ago (scary number) I was a disillusioned learner myself. School had gotten in the way of my education and it's true to say that I really only had 1-2 inspiring teachers. I certainly left my run late! The ONLY reason I went to teachers' college was because I refused to back to 7th Form (Y13) and was a year too young to take up my place at Journalism School so I had a year to kill.

Many, many years later I know the truth. We are born into this life as teachers. The ones who last, who really move around through different schools and different levels, who really challenge themselves daily and who wake excited about the day ahead...we are the vocational teachers who teaching chose. I promised myself all of those years ago, that the day I woke up and DIDN'T want to teach or DIDN'T want to 'go to work'...well, that would be the end of the career for me.

It has never happened. And I know in my heart that it never will.

So...I will spend my 'holidays' the way I normally do, like most other teachers...going into school and putting up displays, creating learning centres, planning, preparing activities that will drive learning and inquiry, and so on. My 'holidays' will be punctuated by meetings, conversations with collegues about this term ahead and the one that has gone. I will reflect and review, critically analyse whether I am getting it right and think about what I could change...

Yup, just another normal holiday for us teachers!

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