Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Key Competencies

My class reflected on their learning today after a fab trip yesterday. It is still awesome to be able to see how far they have come! I look back 10 weeks and know that an amazing journey has been started, one that we are still on for sure, but one that we have travelled well none-the-less.

I was going through some folders on my desktop tonight and found the original flipcharts, (above) that are now displayed in the classroom, from our brainstorm of what it means to participate and contribute in our class and what it looks like to manage self. This has been added to and changed over the past few weeks and now I am further inspired to re-visit it again with my class tomorrow, just to see how their perceptions have changed or if there is anything they would add or remove.

I guess my thoughts tonight look kind of like is a complete change in thinking for us to be listeners and learners as teachers. Oh, don't get me wrong, we've been doing it all along without even thinking about probably, but now we are so conscious of the way we question, the nature of how to direct learning within children's choices and so on. I guess it would be a genuinely fascinating exercise to ask a staff of teachers to brainstorm their own ideas of what participating looks like as a teacher who is also learning and what it is to manage ourselves. What would we see as the focus and would it be very different from what our children perceive it to be?

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