Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes...

Wow. Who would have thought that one day could change everything.

Today, one child in my class discovered her voice. She discovered that she is a valued and special contributor to our class. She realised that she can overcome challenges.

Oh yes, one day can make all of the difference in the world. One student came into her own through our 'Challenging Choose-Day' event. She came. She participated. She came 2nd place in the gutterboard competition. She barely smiled and she seemed disaffected by the cheering of the team and the roars of excitement from our class.

But today, one day on, she is a whole new child. She wrote a recount of her day at 'Challenging Choose-Day'. She added details and included all of the events that we participated in, including all of the children in our class and which event they were in as well as where they placed in their event.

What makes this amazing, is the fact that this gorgeous child is non-English speaking. She has never uttered a word in my class and really lacks confidence. She is reluctant about any sort of participation, embarrassed when anyone tries to talk to her - even in Mandarin - and she has not yet written more than a few words at a time, with total support and a lot of prompting.

Today, she wrote half a page, unaided.
Today, she read aloud with our class as we shared our big book.
Today, she located a photo of herself with her gold medal from the Challenging Choose-Day event and put it on her wiki page with a comment.
Today, she finally became a part of our class, and she is truly happy about it.

If THAT isn't overcoming a challenge...well, what a difference a day makes...

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