Monday, May 30, 2011

The Art Of The 'Fairy' Tale

One of my class lost a tooth over the weekend - right in front of her mouth no less! I received an e-mail from her mum warning me that, due to poor weather conditions (rain in Auckland), the Tooth Fairy had been grounded and unable to do her usual late-night pick up.

Fast forward to my little lovely arriving at school and she is met by a magical tag-team of clowns (myself and another 'primed' staff member) who spent 5 minutes pretending to 'guess what's missing'..."Is it your nose? Oh no - there it is!" "Must be her nostrils...oh! No! There are 2 of those..." (Child) "It's in my mouth that has something missing, silly!" to which the 2 adults shriek in unison - "Good lord! She's lost her tongue!" Small child rolls her eyes and points out the tooth-hole, which then receives the appropriate amount of fussing and oooh-ing and ahhhh-ing necessary to a front tooth extraction in a 7 year old.

We are then shown a beautiful velvet ring box which is popped open, revealing aforementioned tooth. I, of course, still on the ball REGARDLESS of this being Monday morning, pop out with the very subtle, "Well, I see the Tooth Fairy didn't make it last night due to the rain...I read in the paper that there were some delays and cancellations due to bad weather..."

My little lovely then smiles the biggest, gappiest smile of all time and says, "Well, she'd better not use that excuse tonight or I'm gonna have to send my brother out there to get me some money instead!"

It just shows you that a little bit of role play, especially on a Monday, makes the funniest things happen!

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  1. I was very interested to read about the ToothFairy. One day one of the six year old girls in my class lost her tooth in the playground. After considerable searching we were unable to locate it, much to her distress. I wrote a letter to the Tooth fairy for her to put beside her bed. Yeah the next morning there wa a reply note and a gold coiun from the lovely lady!
    Cherryl Eden Room 14 Richmond School