Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bite-Sized Learning

We have had visitors through school over the past days who have been looking at our eLearning classes and the technologies that we are integrating into our rooms.

Today I was discussing the challenges of keeping up with change and how we have to keep upskilling ourselves constantly. One visitor commented on things seeming impressive and fantastic at OUR school but somehow unachievable for their school or perhaps even too overwhelming for some people to contemplate even where to begin!

It set me to thinking about 'bite-sized' learning. If we were to give a Harry Potter novel to a 5 year old on their first day of school and expect them to decode it and process the details, we would be considered crazy. There is no point in looking at the outcome after years of learning before we take the small steps to get there. My advice to the visitors I encountered today was to pick ONE aspect of eLearning, research it, visit other rooms, talk to other educators and look specifically at that, focus on it, prepare to do it with excellence and then take small steps to make sure it is manageable along the way. NEVER be afraid to ask others for help, always take risks and dare, remember that everyone started at the same place - the beginning!

The reality is that we tend to be good at looking at the END result and we simply forget what humble beginnings look like.

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  1. Great advice and well written! We had some vistors who have made a similar comment - think I'll be sending a link to your post!