Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Can't teach an old dog new tricks...?

I had to share a wonderfully funny 'out-of-school' experience from yesterday...

I attended a funeral with my dad and sister of a very old family friend who passed away aged 76 last week. It was a fantastic celebration of a wonderful life which culminated in an 'after-match' at a local rugby club (ex-player, old coach etc.!)

Well, there I was standing among several All Greys (retired All Blacks) who were whittering on about their children and grandchildren. Gone are the days of carrying a 'granny brag book' around. Oh no! The conversations were centred around the amount of text messages they pay for each month and which deals they have managed to utilise like txt2000 and best mate...hilarious!

Then...out came all of their iPhones!!! They were sharing their status on Facebook with one another and showing movie clips of their grandkids playing rugby, soccer (!!!) and netball - I scarcely could believe my eyes! Here was a bunch of more mature gentlemen who were surely rather 'stuck in their ways' by now, yet they had realised the potential of technology and had embraced it fully! WOW!

It just proves that you are certainly NEVER too old to learn...

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