Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well, camp is over for another year and what a fantastic time it was, yet again!

If I had to say what the highlights are, it would be a difficult thing to describe...

Perhaps my highlight was the children who were challenged to step outside their comfort zone to overcome a personal challenge...

Or was it superseded by the adults who also had to do things that they had never done before?

What about the moments where children were working together to achieve a goal?

Or when they were racing full speed around a track, taking safe risks and screaming with delight...

Camp is one of the few places where kids experience things that challenge them and dare them to take risks, with adults around who are encouraging them all the way. It is a place where everyone, adults and children alike, embrace their inner child and run with it! Nowhere else can adults feel like children and behave like them too! Camp is the place where you fend for yourself, pack your own gear, look after your own things, try stuff (including some food groups!) that you have never tried before...

Camp is the place where collaboration is essential (dishes, cleaning, problem-solving, cabin tidying...); where managing self is necessary at all times (self-control, organising your own gear, getting to the right place at the right time) and communication is paramount (listening to others, being strong team leaders, encouraging others, asking questions). Every aspect of our day was tailored towards some part of the Key Competencies but with the best element of all...learning is fun!

Camp has to be the highlight of the year - when we ask the Year 6 children what they loved the most about their year, it will always be either camp or Waterwise or both!

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