Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Miss/Mr Independent

We had some visitors onsite yesterday who were looking at the eLearning in our school and where we are at with technology etc. I had a fantastic visit from many of the groups and the funniest part was watching some of my (seemingly less confident) children take the lead to talk about their learning.

One of the children managed to pull off her headphones so that she could discuss her 'self-directed learning'! She proceeded to tell the visitors (and show) all about her personal wiki which has her learning tasks for the day on it as well as the choices that she is able to make around her learning during reading and maths. She showed several documents that she has worked on using brainstorming and mind-mapping, as well as explaining the reason why these are important for her learning steps.

Well! This was fantastic to see and hear! Here is a child for whom 'conventional' learning does not come easily. Yet here is a confident, competent eLearner who is clearly quite the Little Miss Organised One and also extremely aware of her own needs and where she is going to next!

My other child who has his iPad to support his learning needs was busily finishing 'writing' his retell of the story 'The Gruffalo'. What is most fascinating is that he wrote (with pencil) a fantastic recount for assessment yesterday and also wrote (typed) his whole gruffalo story on the iPad, published it and created a mini-book with the text. This is a student who, only a few weeks ago, struggled to organise himself for the simplest of tasks as well as struggling to pen 10 words, such is the level of difficulty for him when communicating on paper. But now? What wonderful success he is having! Little Mr Organised and Happy!