Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NO problem...

I have realised today how self-directed my class have become. It was 'one of those days' today with me on release in the middle block and the class doing a huge writing session with the reliever. It was a tricky concept - interviewing Amelia Earhart - and they did struggle with it for a while.
Fast forward to this afternoon. For the first time this year we had reading in the afternoon, as we were hosting a visit from a local principal and a special needs support teacher. I gave the class no warning, primed them in no way, didn't even explain that I would come and go from my teaching groups...

The groups and individuals who were working on devices were able to explain their learning and the purpose of their activities such as WebQuest on the laptops, Wiki Wandering on the iPads and the group who were collaborating on the carpet with me, working on fact and fiction. I was pleasantly surprised by how the visitors commented on them being so purposefully engaged and 'on-task'. This is one of the huge positives with the time invested in getting these eLearning routines well-embedded early on, and that really took some time.

A few of my children were working in my office on the LexiaLearning programme, which was also watched by our visitors. We are incredibly lucky to have such excellent extra programmes to support our learners. It was cool to see how the children involved were so comfortable talking about what they do and why.

All in all, a wonderful afternoon of visits and adaptable children! Suffice it to say, when we did our reflection circle at the end of the day, there were lots of comments about this time and also a lot of talk about our next learning steps.

It was NO problem to my class!

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