Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Parent Interviews

Today we had parent/teacher interviews. Oh, let me re-phrase that a we had 3-way-child-led-conferences at our school! Wow, how reporting has changed!

I had a few lump-in-the-throat moments as my little treasures spoke of their learning journeys, personal learning goals, tricky moments, what they have been successful at and more. They shared their work which they are most proud of, reading (in most cases) with great confidence and sharing (in most cases) with confident speaking voices and no hesitation. I saw thrilled parents who smiled at their children's achievements and accountability for their own learning. I heard the children articulate their learning. I even watched a change in attitude about what the learning journey of this life is all about...a continuous learning journey, one which we have choices in.

So tonight as I prepare for another day of teaching tomorrow followed by more conferences, I am able to reflect with a smile on my face and a skip in my heart. They GET it. I mean, they really GET it. Not just the children, the parents I mean! They really GET what their kids are doing - they understand self-management (even if they don't know the phrase yet), they recognise that their child participates and contributes to their classroom learning environment. They can process how their child relates to others and how this affects them.

Tonight, today, I saw joy in my children's faces as they shared who they are as learners.

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