Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 3 T's

At the literacy conference there was a lot of talk around how the central focus of schools has evolved hugely in the digital age. The catch phrase of the hour was around the 3 R's changing into the 3 T's. Tap, text, type.

I am inclined to wonder if this will eventually become the 2 T's - talk and think. My reason for this idea is the fact that technology is making our lives more complicated while also simplifying things along the way. When I say complicated, I mean that there are always new skills developing as new technologies develop, so this can seem rather tricky to keep on top of let alone ahead of. Technology is also simplifying our lives in many ways and some of the future technologies look like they will no exception:

1. The thinking cap - this allows us to think of a person to call or talk to and the cap does the dialling! Or the transferring of funds...or the bookings online...

2. Hand-held x-ray/scans - these were invented a long time ago apparently (I think some Trekkie got the idea and ran with it!) This enables doctors to do a scan by just passing a hand-held machine over the body. Lots of evidence points to this eventually superseding the humble doctor as the machine will also give a full diagnosis.

3. Passenger jets to the moon/space - we all know that this has been on the boil for a long, long time...the next Concorde-equivalent is coming and there are new and wonderful developments being made constantly with fuels and travel that we are not going to be restricted by this globe for long.

4. ??? well, I am leaving this space for all of the thoughts you have on the future. I may not know or even dream of what can go in this space, but I do know this...if someone can dream it, it's highly likely that someone can make it happen.

So, type, tap, text may be overthrown by think and talk, or there may be something even bigger and easier just around the corner. All I know for sure is that the mind has no boundaries even if the parameters of life appear to. We have a future generation in our schools right now who are going to dream, create and be part of things that are more exciting than we can imagine. And they are going to tap, touch, text, talk, tweet, think and type their way through to the future!

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