Friday, July 15, 2011

Best Things I've Learnt

As I hit the middle of the year with this class, I have to admit that it has been easy to reflect on my personal learning journey, as there has been so much new learning!

So what has been the best learning so far for me?

Well, number one for this year so far would be twitter. Now that I know how to use it to inform my teaching and learning, it has become an incredibly powerful tool. It is more than social networking, it is the first stop for many questions and the easiest way to ignite new thinking for me. I love the way I can be in contact with people from all over the world asking questions and receiving answers from a range of experts at the touch of a button.

Close second would be the class wiki as a true extension of our classroom. This has become the most powerful classroom teaching tool for me and the class are fully invested in its benefits. We have expanded the ideas of how to use the wiki and when to use it so it is now just fully integrated through all that we do.

Then I would have to also say that using the class Facebook page to communicate with the parents in my class has been really effective. It is so easy to update the wiki/blog or flickr365 pages and then have the parents instantly informed and able to access the new information without them needing to remember addresses or logins. They have commented on how effective they have found this.

The class blog is really beginning to take shape as an early ePortfolio and the children throughly enjoy adding their reflections. There has been a lot of discussion around what we write and the importance of this process, so the online part of it is really helping many of the children to feel they have a true student voice.

I have decided that this year is really one of the biggest learning curves I have ever been on. Every time I think things are getting harder to master as new learning, I end up surprising myself with what I discover - it may take me longer to learn things, longer to have things stick in my head in the concrete form, longer to catch onto new ideas and longer for me to practice things, but I am still going to keep on learning regardless.

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

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