Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feel the fear...

I did it! I really did it! I felt the fear and did it anyway! Whoop whoop!

A few days ago I wrote a post about my fear of public speaking. I wrote about how I was presenting at a conference and was, frankly, petrified by the entire thought! Well folks, here it is, the news, LIVE and wonderful...I SURVIVED! Oh, actually it was slightly better than that - I didn't faint, barf, collapse, have an asthma attack, choke on my own tongue, expunge, expire or even sweat. Nope. I just felt the fear and did it anyway!

So how was it? Liberating. A bit invigorating. Kind of fun...and so much more! I felt empowered and in control. All of my nerves evaporated in a receptive audience and thanks to my wonderful partner in crime, we were so well practiced and so well prepared that nothing could go wrong - so it didn't!

Am I going to leave my day job? FAT CHANCE! Do I intend to repeat the experience? Hmmm, probably one day in the future but I am not in any great hurry to do it all again! I will never really 'enjoy' public speaking but I am now reassured by the fact that I can still do it if required. (Oh and prepared. And rather well-practiced...)

So what did I learn?

Fear is its own enemy.
Fear has no power when you dare.
Fear does not belong in my shoes or my socks or my handbag. I have kicked its butt and I have won a victory over a personal fear.

Feel the fear!

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