Friday, July 8, 2011


Yup, I have decided that it's all about Me. ME-Learning that is rather than eLearning. If we combine M-Learning and eLearning we get ME-learning anyway, so I am simply creating the natural link.

ME learning is all about learning about ME as a learner. How do I learn best? What environment suits my learning style and for that matter, what IS my learning style? What is my learning personality? Who do I work with best? What types of challenges do I thrive on? What sorts of benchmarks and increments do I like to be measured against? Am I a 'big picture' or puzzle pieces kind of learner? Do I need the whole picture to work backwards from or do I prefer to create my own learning pathways with no pictures? Am I a tactile learner? A visual learner? Do I need to be inspired by knowledge bombs or do I need to become curious for my own ideas?

ME learning is all about mobile learning and digital tools but well beyond that, it is about helping ALL learners - kids and adults alike - to discover, unwrap, unpackage, unhinge, unleash and unravel their own learning personality. It is about the WHAT as much as the HOW. At times we get bogged down in the delivery or the surface features or topics - we tend to forget that these, like the internet/apps/iPods/iPads/devices, are just the delivery mechanisms for the SKILLS base that we are working to develop as learners.

Oh yes, it's all about ME!

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