Sunday, August 28, 2011

Facing The Giants

I finally got the chance to reflect on the past 8 months as a whole today. It is absolutely overwhelming how many doors have opened, how many contacts have been made, how many new learning opportunities have presented themselves because I dared to admit that I know very little and took the risk of trying new things. Failure? Absolutely. Terror? I know it well. Overwhelmed at times? Pretty much!
The outcomes that I decided were measurable and that I believed were the driving force behind the initiatives that I have been part of are:

  • key competencies
  • digital capabilities
  • change in mindset of the student where it is not them seeing the computer as being the word processing and games and fun, but as a choice of tool for looking for information
  • Student engagement in the learning process - stops being the teacher-led process and becomes the student-led process.
  • Children are involved in the planning, teaching and assessment
  • An inclusive learning environment
  • It stops being the teacher decision making for the child, and becomes the teacher asking the child: what do you need and how can I help you to get there?
  • ipsative assessment - children layered against themselves through ongoing narrative assessment process - feedback/feed-forward - where have I come from, what am I learning now, what do I need to know next?

When I re-read these outcomes today, I was forced to confront the cold hard facts...I have achieved most of this already! My students are the leaders now, the online spaces have become an extension of our classroom or as one colleague says 'the class without walls', we have embraced the 7 spaces of learning, learning conversations have woven themselves into the real psyche of all of the students, but there is still so much more to do! I am now considering my own 'where to...?' from here so that I am pushing myself to keep on thinking into the future of my learners.

This journey has always been about challenging myself, pushing out my thinking and really expanding my own personal learning so that it would positively impact on how I teach. What I have discovered is that there are no longer any boundaries to what we can learn, how we can access that learning and when we choose to do it. We are the authors of our own story and it is up to us to etch it into our very minds so that we are forever changed by what we learn.

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  1. How awesome to hear! I'm sure you will find new mountains to climb with your learners. Love watching your children and you learning.