Tuesday, November 29, 2011

QR codes for Christmas

Have you thought about some different to use QR codes with your class for Christmas activities?
Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. QR Santa hunt - get a child to hide a picture of Santa somewhere in the classroom and then give clues and hints through QR codes.

2. Who is Santa? Create a short description of Santa and embed it as a QR code, then print it to attach to a drawing/picture of Santa by the student.

3. Maths QR - leave a series of maths problems to do with Christmas (money is a great one to use, e.g. how many chocolate Santas can we buy for a dollar if one costs 20c? the solution leads them to the next clue.)

4. Acrostic poems - write an acrostic poem and embed it as a QR code. Publish on the class blog or wiki.

5. Book review - ask the children to sell a favourite Christmas story to someone else - create a code out of it and get them to read each others' ones to find which they would like to read!

Ask your class for ideas...my class decided that doing a character assassination for Santa would be a great idea...they also want to create QR codes that link to their favourite Christmas websites and our class Christmas wiki!

Get creating, and don't forget to leave a comment of any ideas that YOU have!

Check out our class Christmas wiki too!

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