Monday, December 5, 2011

Kids Teaching Kids

We have 2 great buddy classes at school, one class of Year 6s and the other class of new entrant children. We get to be the older children to one class and the mentors, then with the Year 6 class we do a bit of 'you teach us this, we teach you that'!

The year 6 class took us under their wing today to teach us some new ways to use Pages to create magazine covers. We have looked at famous people this year, such as Amelia Earhart and the Wright brothers, and their class have been learning about the challenges of being an astronaut, so they decided to teach us how to create a TIME magazine cover page showcasing the famous person.

It was interesting as we moved around the classroom, looking at what the children were doing together. As the afternoon wore on, the older children settled back more and allowed my students to control the devices and create while they simply instructed. There were fantastic discussions and debates going on, plenty of negotiating, lots of teaching and learning.

When the class reflected on the experience, there were a lot of comments to one another about how well their buddy was able to communicate to them. When we talked about what we would do differently or better next time, it was amazing to hear the children discuss how they would work with their younger buddies and how they need to think about doing too much for someone who is younger than you - they have certainly 'learnt' from the experience.

We are off to our younger buddies later in the week, so we will see how that takes shape. Perhaps our reflections after that session will show more of they learned from today!

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