Monday, December 19, 2011

My Favourite Learning Moments This Year

I heard a wonderful rendition of 'One Day At A Time' sung yesterday and it reminded me that I have rushed through this year, looking forward to each day but perhaps missing some of the wonderful things that happen when we take things more slowly. As I reflected on the year throughout, it has been really powerful to return to some of my past posts where I had managed to learn the most personally or where the children had learnt a lot through (often) unplanned outcomes or 'carp et diem' - that 'seize the day' moment!

So, to round off the year of blogging, I would like to take the opportunity to chart my own journey through my own personal favourite 10 learning moments, recollected and reflected on in my blogposts:

January - the journey began, and what a journey it has been!

February - we planted the seeds of learning as the year in the classroom began...

March - this post had almost the most comments of all and it was such a wonderful moment in the classroom, one that you carry with you forever as a teacher :)

April - ePortfolios got a big lift in my class as we started that part of the journey!

May - the art of the 'fairy tale' - definitely my most hilarious moment in the office this year!

June/July - fragile self-esteems and the humble teacher. This has been the most visited blogpost all year...what does that tell us about how teachers often feel - vulnerable, inadequate, anxious and FRAGILE.

August/September - what an awesome mystery trip around Auckland we had! The iPods/iPhones and iPads got a right old workout and we had heaps of fun using QR codes!

October - my busiest blogging month with 27 posts, phew! SO, from uLearn to the rugby world cup and back again, I had to put the WHOLE MONTH here as my faves! I had a great month with the class and my personal learning was immense!

November - Flat Stanley has been a major part of our learning this year and 'going global', pushing the boundaries and becoming the 'class without walls'. It will all begin again next year!

December - reflecting on my top ten of the year!

And what a year it has been! I must admit, that when I re-read the January/February posts that I have written, a smirk sits on my face as I realise that the 'best laid plans of mice and men' (thanks Will Shakespeare) is the best way to describe my year! I believed things were going to go one way but they ducked and dived everywhere else! Leaving space for learning to occur in myself as well as in my students has been imperative. Allowing the learning to be driven by my students as the drivers and me the navigator. Making sure the pathways were authentic learning journeys. Constantly pushing the perameters and shoving the norms aside. Ignoring what seemed impossible and allowing the a-ha moments to shine through.

This, yes THIS has been an awesome year :)

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