Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The 2 C's

Today we had our second class trip of the week...well, the second trip for me anyway! With a composite class, it means that our education outside the classroom is over 2 days with 2 different trips for the different year levels.

The focus for our learning was the 2 c's - communication and collaboration. We did activities that allowed opportunities for both and it was amazing to see them rise to the occasion. Even at this young age, leaders begin to shine through, children who are less confident become more obvious, and the group that works together best is always most successful!

Raft building, team games and camp cooking were the measure of the day. Each time, the children outdid themselves, overcoming their own fears, personal limitations and rising to the occasion. Their behaviour was exemplary, leading to comments as such from the outdoor education teachers. They made great choices, were considerate of one another, supported each other when someone was less confident, encouraged others in their teams and much more.

When we consider taking our classes out of the school to experience things such as outdoor education, there is so much more to consider than how many parents you need to take with you, risks involved, health and safety, buses to book, dates to organise and notices to send home. What we have to think about more than all of that, is the fact that there is a lot of learning to be done in outdoor education - there are many positives to the experience and it in an adventure that they will never forget.

As a teacher, I have spent quality time getting to know my class over the past 2 days. The relationship has changed and developed again, with the children gaining trust in me that cannot happen as easily or quickly in the 4 walls of a classroom. Their relationships with each other have changed and developed too - again, something that would often take the whole year to achieve. This is just one of the many benefits of working over 2 days in the close confines of a challenge and a series of new and exciting experiences.

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