Saturday, February 11, 2012

Building Relationships With Your Community

One of the resources most useful yet poorly utilised is that of the local community. Sitting within the closest proximity is the broadest base of experts and practical guides - yet we often forget to tap into that wealth!
We grab books, we jump online, we strangle Google, we dive through Twitter and we drag out every photocopy we can find. We rifle through flipcharts, borrow DVDs and forget that human resources are the keystone to all that we know and learn.
Tick back thousands of years...the elders were treasured for the stories and histories that they talked of. Gathering around campfires, snuggled in caves, the people considered the greatest experts were those who told of the history of each clan or family. They were treasured by their communities. Even now, many cultures still value most the person who knows the most about their family or community's history and the stories from the past.
Let's remember to use the best resources we have - the families of our class children, the local elders, the experts who surround us and have the memories and knowledge to enhance the learning in our schools.

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