Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting It RIGHT

After my disastrous start to last year, which one has to put down to over-eagerness and over-excitement wrapped into one, I have finally managed to get the year started (this time around) in a much better way!
No rushing in for me this time. No crashing head-first into the unknown and assuming it was known. Oh no, not this time.

THIS time I have taken it one step at a time, assumed nothing, missed nothing, planned for every eventuation (yeah right!), plotted a simple pathway of learning based on the known, and put the start of the year together bit by bit. THIS year, I have had a bundle of experts on tap - the 'known-nine' I call them - and I have utilised their skills and expertise to build the culture of learning in our classroom. THIS year, I am being patient, waiting for the growing to take place REGARDLESS of what I THINK I know, regardless of what I have hoped for. THIS year, I am letting it all happen at THEIR pace, not at my break-neck speed.

THIS year, I am getting it right! The devices have their place in our classroom but it's about the Key Competencies and building their learning through these first and foremost. THIS year, it is about the learning NOT the outcomes. THIS year is the year I am finally allowing each step to be driven by the children and the direction to be steered by their curiosity.

THIS year is exciting and amazing already. THIS year...well, who knows what will happen THIS year?!

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