Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's Changed?

I was asked some pertinent questions recently about blogging which set me to reflecting about my journey with this - from the chalkface to the interface I guess.

Blogging is a platform for reflection for me, first and foremost. It is a means for plotting the journey that technology has taken me on, but even more than that, from the new (now well-worn) curriculum's beginnings, until now.

When we started to first look as a nation at 'authentic contexts for learning' I knew without a shadow of a doubt that in New Zealand we were finally on the right page in education. I believe that we finally have our learners at the centre of the learning, NOT a curriculum set in stone at the centre. I have often imagined (and if I were an artist I would've drawn) the sword in the stone scenario, where only the 'chosen one' can pull it out and use it. Education had become a lot like that 10-15 years ago - only the chosen ones who ticked all the boxes and jumped through the appropriately memorized hoops, could have the ultimate prize.

But now, as the years glide by since the introduction of the new (old) curriculum, we have schools where the walls have pushed back, the platforms for learning have not just expanded but out creativity has too. Our students have become the teachers and the teachers are firmly in place as the learners alongside them! Commonplace phrases heard in classrooms are, "I'm not sure, let's find out...what do you think?" which is the teachers speaking! Talk and chalk has given way to listen and learn, inquire and delve, dare and do. Self-management has superseded teacher direction, collaboration has usurped 'go and work silently', and thinking is now the highest prize for learning.

So why do I blog? Because this has been one journey that I would not have believed if I hadn't been able to record it and look back upon it. WOW is always on my lips and I talk about the WOW moments in our classroom all the time. The boundaries of possibility don't exist anymore - we are truly in an age where the only limits are the ones we set through fear or ignorance.

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