Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's A Treaty?

Having celebrated Waitangi Day as a nation yesterday, I felt (as always) that there was a great deal of parallel learning to be gained from writing our own class treaty after it.
We talked through the big question: what is a treaty? Why would people need one? The class came up with 4 key ideas - a treaty is an agreement, a deal, it’s working together and it’s a promise.
The class then brainstormed what it would be key to include in our own class treaty. I explained that a treaty must focus on the positive side of things but also that it’s about agreed expectations rather than rules.
They decided that we should write a treaty that reflects our class as learners and teachers (the children) and us (my student teacher and I) as teachers AND learners too.
So our treaty looks a bit like this:
  • · We come to school to learn and concentrate
  • · We respect each other, our belongings and feelings
  • · We raise our hand to speak
  • · We use kind words and think before we speak
  • · We use our hands to help
  • · We use working voices

We have created a wall display depicting the treaty and how it looks in our classroom as we learn together.
What a great year we have ahead!

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