Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Flipped Classroom

I must admit to having rather a big chuckle to myself today while my class were busily learning without me. It never ceases to entertain me how different my day is - a veritable smorgasborg of team teaching, 'I-teach-you-you-teach-someone', paired teaching, group learning, independent learning, learning centres, online learning (wikispaces, webquests etc.) and so on.

Today's task for our topic on plants was to view some teaching vids through the wiki and then take a quiz that I created about the information on plants. Part of the process was to take the 'test' and compare answers with someone else before submitting them, having to justify their opinion based on what they had heard and seen.

What a privilege it is as a teacher to sit back and watch learning. My class were darting between pairs, asking each other why they thought one answer was right and another wrong, confirming and debating. Four children sat together poring over one laptop to re-watch the vid because they couldn't agree on an answer! Then there were another 4 children who were avidly diving through some topic books to confirm their thoughts!

Having a classroom where the children are self-managing and collaborative is just priceless. There is so much learning going on all of the time and it is exciting to watch!

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