Friday, May 4, 2012

Flipped Classroom

I find that in my flipped classroom one of the most powerful tools is the humble iPod. Vastly underestimated and grossly underused by many, this tool has become a true trademark for classroom. My students are now BYOD in about 1/3 of the class, with several iPads brought in daily (up to 3) and around 5-10 iPods regularly.

Now a lot of other teachers seem ecstatic when they hear of the iPads showing up but for me, I love having the iPods! My students thoroughly enjoy creating with photo and video and the iPods allow this to be a simple reality. Yes, I know that the iPad can perform this function too, but the iPod is so simple to use, easy to carry, point and click and then the kids can manipulate their images/film on the computer and turn it into a lesson of its own!

Take maths for example...getting the students to explain their strategy to me is one thing but I can do better than that. Using the iPods, the students film each other explaining and demonstrating their own strategies then share those on the wiki or class youtube account and we have a TEACHING TOOL. One that isn't ME teaching but one where the students teach each other. I believe that this is what a flipped classroom is meant to look like - power to the children! My class just love having control of the learning and are always keen to access each others' videos and watch what they are explaining. They are very positive with one another and the feedback is always awesome.

The iPods also allow them to create images of their day at school and contribute to the class flickr account. They are almost a 'freedom-to-create' tool - one where the kids are able to show life through their own (real) lens! My class really enjoy taking pix of each other in all aspects of their day, making videos and voice recordings regularly to share with global pals too, including guided tours of the classroom and school.

I really do love the humble wee iPod, for all of the magic that it allows my students to create and share!

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