Friday, May 25, 2012

Skype Sharing

We had a great time chatting and sharing on Skype with our buddy class in Pennsylvania yesterday. My class had prepared something personal to share with their buddies and our buddies had prepared some information about where they live and what it is like being in America. They informed us about their president and their state, giving great detail about famous people from Pennsylvania and what the climate is like. Here are some of the comments quoted from my students about what they learnt:

Pennsylvania has really hot summers and really cold winters - Lucy

They look the same as us but they sound like the TV - Sam

Our buddies like exactly the same things as us! - Kate and Amie (we compared TV programmes and music and they all liked the same!)

I thought they might not know what soccer was, but they do and lots of them play it! - Josh and Moh

They have mountains like us, but they have Mount Rushmore with heads on it from their presidents - Ethan L

I wonder what they eat the same as us - Jason and Terry

They told us about their president and we told them about our prime minister. I think their one is a bit more important and famous than ours - Dylan

We are making movies and slideshows sharing our new learning and also sharing some of the comparisons to life in New Zealand. They were certainly surprised about how many volcanoes we have in Auckland as well as how many beaches. We really enjoyed learning through listening to our buddies and can't wait to find out more!

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