Monday, June 4, 2012


The idea for a new kind of blog came about like a bolt out of the blue thanks to @deputymitchell. I was reading a post he'd put onto Facebook and discovered that they were doing something where they pass on a blogpost to someone else to write and I thought, "Why not?" It looked like a great concept so I decided to develop it around our own current events and topics and see if we could send a pass-it-on blog around New Zealand.

This week is Enviro Week and it's also the Queen's 60th Jubilee so I have combined the 2 as the authentic learning. The idea is that one class (mine to begin with) blogs about one of the these events, for example, we might write a blogpost about Enviro Day tomorrow at our school and take a photo of some of the events. Then we post this and 'pass-it-on' (the blogpost url link) to the next class. Now that could be a class in our school or a class outside of our school, whichever we decide. We can pass it to more than one class and then their task is to (a) write a comment on our post and (b) create their own post. They can make it about the Enviro Week or something environmental that their school/community are involved in or it could be a post about the Queen's Jubilee, perhaps something they have read about it or from the news. Then they post their writing and/or photos and pass the address on to the next class and so on.

Foreseeable problems could be if the passing stops happening, then what? And if the blog gets frozen somewhere that could also be a problem. I'm hoping that since it is all controlled via my PLN on Twitter then it is easier to see what is happening and simple for people to communicate around it. I will have to reflect on how it works after it gets going and then evaluate when we should stop it and how to get it to travel in a complete circle so that it ends up passing back to us!

Watch this space and contact me if you wish to join us...who knows where we will end up? the details are on the blog if you are keen to see where we end up!

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  1. Fantastic idea. I am really looking forward to involving my class in this!