Wednesday, August 15, 2012

eLearning Together

We had a great morning this morning as I took my class and another class of the same age for an eLearning session. We talked about the purposes for blogging and then brainstormed what we could blog about. Since we had hosted the most fantastic mini-Olympics in the Middle School the day before, the children all agreed that they wanted to write a recount of their experiences.

We looked at the 3 T's of blogging and talked about the 3 T's of collaborating. The three T's of blogging are:

  1. Title - create a name for your writing
  2. Text - add the body of writing
  3. Take a photo - it's a vital skill to teach our students and ensures ownership of the images used
The three T's of collaboration in our class are:
Taking turns

After a short knee-to-knee session to think about answering the 5W's and H of a recount, we set off. The students all logged into and started work. I have to say that with almost 60 children in the classroom, there certainly only looked and sounded like half as many! The students worked diligently, solving problems on the run and talking on-task brilliantly.

The result, other than a great piece of recount writing from each child, is a wonderful example of learning together and how collaboration and teamwork can work in a classroom well. 

This afternoon, as an extension to the theme of learning together, we did a QR code hunt and they had to locate and scan the code, read the question and then locate the answer on the internet. There are some great 'teachable' moments that always come up from this type of activity and there is certainly plenty to learn about how to find the information that you need and how to tailor the searches to find what you specifically want. 

All in all there was plenty of T's going on today and probably the biggest ones war THINKING and TEAMWORK. A TERRIFIC combination!

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