Monday, August 27, 2012

Life WIthout A Student Teacher

So today was the first day in the past 7 weeks that I didn't have my fab student teacher. It seemed weird to have had to do all of the planning for the felt odd to be putting up the timetable myself, loading the tumbles for the week, keeping up with what was happening for the makes you realise how much student teachers can contribute when they are really good!

My class were hilarious. After fielding the 15th question of, "Where is Mrs C?" I wrote on the whiteboard "Mrs C won't be in this week :(" and left it there, thinking that it would appease the class. Not quite. Thereafter followed a full day of being harangued by the class, from each minute to the next. I kept wondering, "Why on earth are they interrupting me while I am group teaching when they have never done that?" What had gone wrong with my training of the class? All of the routines were out of the window and I knew we had reached crisis point when 25 of them were walking in circles, unable, it would seem, to get themselves organised for writing!

What had gone so horribly wrong?

Well, it's probably SOOOO obvious to all of those who read this, but to me, it was a baffling enigma. I was sure that if I simply reminded them (for the 50th time that day) that they needed to C3B4ME or solve it themselves etc. that they would sort it out!

And then came my A-HA moment!

For 7 weeks, the class have had me available to them for 6 hours a day. Even though my awesome student teacher has been doing almost all of the teaching, I have been a permanent presence in the classroom, answering all of their questions, sorting all of their problems, prompting them, supporting those who needed it and more. They have become USED to having 2 teachers and they see me as their 'go to' person since I have been exactly that for the whole term.

So. What a challenge! Now I have to go back to just being their teacher again, unavailable when working with groups. They need to solve things themselves. They need to go back to their independence and their self-management. I have probably done some of them a terrible disservice by being so available for so long because they have come to depend on me! Hopefully it will only take a bit of 'tweaking' to remind them of the expectations and we will be back on track again!

Blame the student teacher I say - she shouldn't have been so darned good!

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